The Little Girls

The Little Girls are Valley Girl sisters, Caron and Michele Maso, from Southern California.   They spent their teen years in the 1970s listening to music, laying by the pool and driving over Malibu Canyon to get to the beach.  Their love and talent for music and comedy and a constant need to be the center of attention pulled them up on stage as a warm up act for bands at Hollywood parties, until they were eventually fronting those bands with their own original songs.  They were crowned, “The Little Girls”, because they were “girls” and they were “little”.  In 1982 they recorded the EP, “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” which contained their signature hits, “The Earthquake Song”, and “How to Pick Up Girls”, with their band, including longtime collaborator and guitarist, Kip Brown.  It was produced by Liam Sternberg and Ed Stasium and, was released on PVC records.

In 1985 they recorded a demo, “The Clear Album”, with Kip, and Blondie rhythm section, Clem Burke and Nigel Harrison on drums and bass.  Although they shared stages with the Go Gos, The Bangles, Bow Wow Wow, The Pretenders, The Plimsouls and The Boomtown Rates, they faded into obscurity until rediscovered in 2004 by Chameleon Music, an internet music label, and then by Ramo Records who released “The Clear Album” on clear vinyl in 2006.  This coincided with the release of a newly recorded 11 song Little Girls CD.  A West Coast Tour with Nikki Corvette and The Stingrays, and Thee Make Out Party followed.  Two compilation CDs, Thank Heaven for ValleyPOP and The Little Girls, Today and Yesterday which include almost all The Little Girls recordings, old and new, were recently released on Art Union Records in Japan and are also distributed by Independent Distribution Collective in the United States.

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