Midnite Snaxxx

MIDNITE SNAXXX is comprised of three of the loveliest, toughest, punkest ladies in existence.  Dulcinea Gonzalez, Renee Leal and Tina Lucchesi have been key fixtures of San Francisco’s ridonkulous Budget Rock scene for oh-so-long now, each playing key roles in far too many bands to bother listing here.  With Midnite Snaxxx, the focus is on punk rock (duh!) delivered with the appropriate amounts of sweetness and snarl.  If you happen to catch them live, or hear one of their great records, you’ll find buzzsaw rockers right alongside catchy power-pop numbers, both delivered in top-tier fashion by gals who just get it!!!  No bullshit, all-fun Rock’n’Roll, folks.  Don’t miss it!

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